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Fire Emergency
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Use of a Fire Extinguisher (continued)

1. Small Fires

If the fire is small involving paper, upholstered furniture, draperies, or carpet, usually, these small fires can be quenched by dousing with water or by using a fire extinguisher. Often fires in wastebaskets can be smothered by another wastebasket, desk blotter, or other flat object. If you are unable to act for any reason, the Property Management Staff will take action.

2. Electrical Fires

If there is smoke or a small fire involving electrical equipment, turn off and/or unplug the equipment if possible. Use a fire extinguisher or allow the Property Management Staff to take action. Never use water on electrical fires.

3. Larger Fires

If the fire cannot be controlled/extinguished by your efforts and becomes more intense, quickly close the door in attempt to contain the fire in that room (if possible) and evacuate the building. Property Management and the fire department personnel will take action.


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