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Tenant Responsibilities
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Tenant Fire Monitor/Warden and Assistant Fire Monitor/Warden

We require that two persons from each tenant suite be designated to act as the Fire Monitor/Warden and Assistant Fire Monitor/Warden. Both of these individuals must thoroughly understand the Building's Emergency and Evacuation Plan and be prepared to assume their responsibilities promptly, CALMLY, and purposefully in an emergency for the welfare of their co-workers.

The Fire Monitor/Warden has the following responsibilities in preparation for a fire emergency:

  1. Maintain a current employee roster on a monthly basis and provide the same roster to the Property Management Office
  2. Determine the mobility impaired persons requiring assistance in an emergency; establish plans for their evacuation including assignment of Aides for those individuals if appropriate and identify these mobility impaired individuals on the monthly listing of employees provided to the Property Management Office.
  3. Advise the Property Management Office immediately upon detection of any unsafe condition.
  4. Provide location of high security areas and locations of storage of hazardous materials to the Property Management Office and thereafter changes in these locations.
  5. Disseminate emergency procedures to all co-workers.

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