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Shelter in Place
  1. There are many reasons for tenants to consider and have a shelter in place plan for their employees. Reasons for shelter in place range from extreme weather, power outages, to hazardous material in the area.

  2. If an alert is issued by federal or local authorities recommending shelter in place to those in the DC area, notification will be sent to the tenant contacts in the building. Upon receiving the notification, tenants may enact their designated shelter in place plans if they choose. At that time the building would notify tenants if the perimeter doors are secured and if any services in the building are limited.

  3. Tenants should select an area in their space on the interior of the building away from the windows. Tenants should consult Shelter in Place experts for lists of emergency supplies in advance of a shelter in place event. You can find comprehensive lists at www.preparedness360.org or www.ready.gov/shelter

  4. Building security can assist you with locating the optimal Shelter in Place areas for space. Please call security to set up a walk through.

  5. Tenants should monitor local news sources on the status of the event. An all clear will be given when all systems are operational in the building.

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