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Fire Emergency
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Upon Discovering a Fire

  1. Alert personnel who may be immediately endangered and proceed to the nearest pull station to activate the alarm system, no matter how small the fire may seem.
  2. Notify the Management Office at 202-496-9726 and/or Security at 202-659-3860.
  3. Close all doors behind you, especially the door to the burning room.

Use of a Fire Extinguisher

In numerous locations throughout the building, you will find fire extinguisher cabinets adjacent to stairwell doors and near copy/pantry areas. Remember to pull fire alarms as you retrieve a fire extinguisher from the cabinet and before you begin your efforts to control a fire.

When retrieving a fire extinguisher, you are advised to remove the pin and spray the contents into the base of the fire. If for any reason you are unable to use the fire extinguisher, the Property Management Staff are trained in using fire extinguishers to contain fires.

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