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In the event of a flood that may cause damage to tenant property or affect the normal operation of the building, designated tenant representatives will be contacted by Building Management personnel, regardless of the time of day.

The first priority is to ensure that no personal injury occurs as the result of a flood. The second priority is to discover the cause and prevent or minimize additional flooding.

Once the flooding has been contained, clean-up operations will commence. Tenants will need to contact their insurance carrier for any damage to their property.

Water Interruption

A temporary interruption of the water supply may or may not result in the disruption of building services. Prolonged water interruption will result in the evacuation of the building following the fire emergency procedures. Without water we can neither maintain sanitary conditions nor building cooling systems. Additionally, water interruption limits the Fire Department's ability to extinguish fires. You will be notified when the water is restored and when you may return to the building.

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