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  1. Upon hearing the bell alarm system, immediately evacuate the building in an orderly manner, using the designated evacuation routes and stairwell exits.  When exiting, avoid crowding or undue haste.  A fall might spell disaster for those who follow.  Descend the stairs carefully.  When you reach the ground floor, exit in an orderly fashion.  DO NOT RUN! DO NOT USE ELEVATORS! DO NOT CALL THE ENGINEERING OFFICE OR SECURITY DESK!  If the alarm is found to be false, you will be notified immediately.

    Personnel in the lower levels should take the stairway up to the Lobby or Mall levels or walk up the garage ramp to the exit.  DO NOT USE ELEVATORS! Click here to view the Stairwell Locations Map.

  2. All handicapped personnel should be assigned an aide to help them evacuate the building or obtain assistance for them.  Floor monitors should notify the Management Office at 202-496-9726 of all handicapped persons and person who may require assistance (e.g. pregnant employees, employees in casts, employees recovering from a recent illness, etc.) so that we can account for these employees after the building is evacuated or notify a fire fighter of their locations in the building.

  3. When out of the building, employees should remain on sidewalk and stay clear of the building entrance to allow access by fire department personnel. Your organization should establish a predesignated meeting area.

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