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Moving Policy
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Move In / Move Out Instructions

  1. IMPORTANT – Please provide forty-eight (48) hour notification to the Management Office at 202-496-9726 when moving bulky materials, office furniture or equipment in or out of the building.
  2. All such moves must be pre-arranged with the Management Office.  All of the following will be subject to Management’s approval:
    • Time of delivery
    • Method of move
    • Routing of move
  3. JLL shall not be liable for injury or damages to any person or property involved as a result of tenant deliveries or tenant move-in/move-outs.
  4. Two and four wheel dollies, carts or other type conveyances (with the exception of baby buggies and wheel chairs) must be taken into the freight elevator only.  Only packages, cartons or other items that can be carried by hand may be transported on passenger elevators.
  5. Materials that can cause discomfort, inconvenience or damage (such as open paint cans) should not be carried on passenger elevators even though they are carried by hand.

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