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JLL has made a firm commitment to provide recycling programs in all properties under our management.

The information outlined below details the recycling policy implemented at 1801 K Street, in accordance with the laws of the District of Columbia.

Occupants of office buildings shall separate for collection and provide for the recycling of office paper.  Each tenant will be provided with a small recycling box for paper, and large recycling bins for central dumping of paper and central glass and can collection.  Management will provide recycling boxes as needed.  Please call the Management Office at 202-496-9726 to order your recycling boxes.

Each individual will be responsible for emptying the desk side recycling boxes into the larger recycling box located in the common area of your office.  The cleaners will be responsible for emptying the larger recycling boxes, as needed, into designated receptacles in the building’s Recycling Room.

There are scheduled pickups at the building for recyclable products.  Please contact the Management office for further information regarding the recycling program.

Note: It is required that all cardboard boxes be broken down. Boxes that are not broken down will not be removed.

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