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Rental Payment

Address for Rent Checks:

MAPS 1801 K Street, LLC
1801 K Street, NW Suite M108
Washington, DC 20006

Account Information for Wire/ACH:

Bank Name: Wells Fargo, N.A.
ABA Number: 121 000 248
Account Number: 4943934752
Account Name: MAPS 1801 K Street LLC
fbo Mesa West Core Lending Fund, LLC (DACA)

Payment of rent in accordance with this letter shall constitute payment as required under your lease. To ensure proper credit, checks should be made payable to: MAPS 1801 K Street LLC and should be mailed to the address stated above, on or before the due dates provided in your lease. This payment direction is irrevocable except by notice from MESA WEST CORE LENDING FUND, LLC, or its successors and assigns.

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