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Moving Policy
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  1. All dollies and conveyances of materials, supplies or equipment will be entered through the loading dock and transported via the service hallway to the freight elevator.
  2. When moving furniture or equipment please provide Management with a letter stating the date and time of the move.  Forty-eight (48) hour notice is required.  If it involves the utilization of a professional moving company, then you must also provide Management with a Certificate of Insurance meeting the Landlord’s insurance requirements from the moving company.
  3. Elevators are available for moving furniture and equipment as follows:
    • Monday through Friday: Before 8:00am and after 6:00pm
    • Saturday and Sunday: There is no time restriction. To request the freight elevator and/or loading dock for a move, please fax the attached form to the Management Office at 202-496-9729.
  4. The loading dock and freight elevators are available during the hours of 8:00am – 6:00pm for thirty (30) minute intervals.
  5. The tenant will be responsible for ensuring that the building lobby floors (including carpeting, tile, marble and wood) are protected during the move.
  6. Any move-ins or outs after building hours, during holidays or on weekends must be attended by a building engineering staff member at the tenant’s expense.

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