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Insurance Requirements
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II. Policies described in Sections I.A. and I.D. above shall include the following as additional insured, including their officers, directors and employees.  A GL-2010 Endorsement shall be utilized for the policy(ies) described in Section I.A. above.  Please note that the spelling of these parties must be exactly correct or the Contract Duties will not be allowed to commence.

  1. Jones Lang LaSalle Americas, Inc.
  2. MAPS 1801 K Street LLC
  3. Spaulding & Slye Investments, an operating division of Jones Lang LaSalle Americas, Inc.

III. Service Contractor waives any and all rights of subrogation against the parties identified above in Paragraph II above as additional insureds.

IV. All policies will be written by companies licensed to do business in the District of Columbia and which have a rating by Best's Key Rating Guide not less than “A-/XII”.

V. Service Contractor shall furnish to the Owner Certificate(s) of Insurance evidencing the above coverage.  Original Certificate(s) of Insurance must be provided before Service Contractor commences Contract Duties or Contract Duties will not be allowed to commence.

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