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Tenant Responsibilities
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The Fire Monitor/Warden has the following responsibilities in preparation for a fire emergency (continued):

  1. Confirm that all co-workers understand the emergency procedures, in particular the evacuation steps and routes to the nearest and alternate stairwells.
  2. Advise co-workers of the meeting point outside of the building where they will assemble after an evacuation.
  3. Represent the tenant suite at Building Safety and Security Meetings.
  5. Check to see that no co-workers are in the rest rooms.
  6. Confirm that all mobility-impaired persons, in particular, those requiring assistance, have entered a fire rated stairwell and that wheelchairs are NOT brought into the stairwell.
  7. Close all doors if possible to contain the fire.
  8. Leave the floor last.
  9. Bring a current employee roster when leaving.
  10. Provide names and locations of mobility impaired individuals in stairwells to the Property Management Office.
  11. Confirm, by taking attendance with the current employee roster, that all co-workers are present at the designated meeting place OUTSIDE of the building or are otherwise accounted for (e.g., not at the office due to illness, travel, vacation, meetings.)

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