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Fire Prevention
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Fire Prevention Tips

The Tenant Fire Monitor/Warden should appoint one person who will be responsible for ensuring that appliances such as coffee machines and copiers are shut off at the end of each business day. Additional preventative measures include:

  1. Report all fire hazards such as blocked stairwells, inoperative exit signs, and storage flammable materials to your Tenant Fire Monitor/Warden and the Property Management Office. All corridors and passageways should be kept free of storage boxes or other flammables.

    UL (Underwriters Laboratories) approved flammable or combustible supplies must be stored in special UL approved metal storage cabinets in designated areas only. Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) should be maintained in central locations where they are visible for all to see.
  2. Ensure that all office equipment and appliances are approved by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc., or other appropriate testing firm. Extension cords should not be used in lieu of permanent wiring. Only three-prong surge protection devices are acceptable. Turn off all electrical appliances for coffee, cooking or heating before leaving the office.
  3. Do not use space heaters. They can overload electrical circuits and pose a serious fire hazard.
  4. Report and repair office equipment and appliances that are not in good working order. Short circuits or sparks from a frayed cord could start a fire. Never use water on electrical, oil or grease fires. Disconnect all appliances that have frayed cords immediately.

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