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  1. Conduct: Any conduct, which unreasonably interferes with the use or enjoyment of the facility or the equipment by other persons, or disrupts or interferes with the normal, safe, orderly, and efficient operation of the facility or the equipment, is strictly prohibited.  Personal radios, tape recorders, or other similar equipment may not be used without headphones.  Any persons in violation of this rule will be subject to immediate expulsion.
  2. Use of Tobacco ProductsSmoking of any kind or any other consumption tobacco products is strictly prohibited.
  3. Solicitations and Petitions: Solicitations for the sale of any product, service, or charitable contributions, and petitions of any kind are strictly prohibited.
  4. Identification: Users must present their magnetic access Kastle access cards upon request by Building Management for identification purposes.  MAPS 1801 K Street LLC assumes no responsibility for lost or stolen access cards.
  5. Food and Beverages: Food and beverages are prohibited and shall not be brought into the facility for consumption.
  6. Notices, Complaints, or Suggestions: Users must immediately notify MAPS 1801 K Street LLC in the event that they discover any unsafe of hazardous defect or condition relating to the facility or the equipment, or any serious breakage, sickness, fire of disorder at the facility.  Complaints or suggestions as to the operation, maintenance, services or equipment at the facility are welcome.  Such notices, complaints, or suggestions should be sent to MAPS 1801 K Street LLC, c/o Jones Lang LaSalle, 1801 K Street, NW, Suite M108 Washington, DC  20006, Attention:  Property Management.

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