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Report all emergencies to the appropriate local authorities first, by calling 911 for fire, police and/or ambulance, then to the Building Management Office by calling 202-496-9726.  When calling this number, please provide the following information: suite number, floor, tenant name, person calling, phone number and the nature of the emergency.  After business hours, call Kastle at 703-524-7911.  The number for the Poison Control Center is 202-625-3333.

  1. Below are some procedures that should be followed in almost every type of emergency.
  • Remain calm. Panic can cause more damage and/or injury in many cases than the emergency itself.
  • Contact the appropriate party immediately and relate all pertinent information such as the exact location of the emergency, name and nature of emergency, etc.
  • Do not add to the situation by exaggerating or by relating irrelevant or unsubstantiated statements.
  • Do not become a spectator.  Head away from, not toward, the problem area.  Avoid getting in the way of emergency personnel.
  • Follow the directions of those in charge.
  • Remember, if it is decided to evacuate, use the appropriate areas designated for this purpose, remain calm and be courteous to others.

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